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Thai Cracking Down On Borrowed Lao Vehicles

Source: Mahason / Laotian Times / Facebook various

As from 1st January 2018, any vehicle crossing into Thailand from Laos that is driven by an individual who is not the vehicle’s owner must provide documentation authorizing use of the vehicle.

Thai Cracking Down On Borrowed Vehicles

Documentation required will include a power of attorney signed by the owner of the vehicle, and the following supporting documentation:

1. A copy of vehicle registration documents

2. A copy of the identification card of the vehicle owner

3. A copy of the identification card of the person using the vehicle

Further documentation will be required for persons using vehicles belonging to a business or organization, see photo above.

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What hasn’t been answered by the various news outlets is:
– Does the “power of attorney” need to be certified, for example by the chief of village ?
– Is the “power of attorney” requested at all border crossing from Laos into Thailand ?
– For tax non-paid cars, who is issuing the “power of attorney”, the owner or his organization ?

Further we understand that the Thai authorities will keep the “power of attorney”, so a new “power of attorney” is required for each trip to Thailand !

This new rule will complicate a trip to Thailand further, as many cars in Laos are shared among family members and/or the current owner hasn’t yet registered the car into their own name. Also for foreigners who aren’t able to register their car in their own name, this new rule will heavily complicate future trips to Thailand.

Which leaves the question about the motives of the Thai authorities to make trips to Thailand more and more difficult ?