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Thai Embassies Scrap 500k THB Financial Requirement For Single Entry Tourist Visa

Source: Thai Visa

The Thai embassies in London and Washington appear to have scrapped the recent requirement for foreigners applying for a Single Entry Tourist Visa (SETV) to show proof of  funds totalling 500,000 THB or equivalent.

The hefty financial requirement, which was quietly rolled out last month, has been removed from the required documents as listed on the websites of the Thai embassies in London and Washington.

Last week, anyone applying for an SETV from the UK, needed to show the Thai Embassy in London a bank balance of “£12,800 maintained throughout the past 6 months”, while the Thai Embassy in Washington said it required “$17,000 or 500,000 baht each month for the last six month”.

But both of these requirements now appear to have been removed from each of the embassies websites.

For anyone applying from the UK, the Thai Embassy in London has instead added the somewhat ambiguous sentence “UK/Irish bank statements with sufficient fund to cover your trip to Thailand”, without actually clarifying what is considered a “sufficient” amount of money to cover a trip to Thailand.

In contrast, the Thai Embassy in Washington appears to have reverted back to the previous requirement of “Copy of recent bank statement ($700 per person and $1,500 per family)”. 

All the other requirements needed for anyone to enter Thailand at this moment in time, such as a Certificate of Entry, declaration form, quarantine booking, Fit to Fly Certificate, COVID-19 negative test result and an insurance policy which provides a minimum of 100,000 USD coverage, including for COVID-19, appear to remain in place.

The latest requirements for an SETV to Thailand from London and Washington can be found below.