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Thai Medical Council Warns Men Against DIY Penis Enlargements

Source: Thaivisa

Thai men have been told in no uncertain terms to stop trying to enlarge their penises. 

The Thai Medical Council on Facebook put out a stark warning: Stop injecting yourself or else terrible things will happen. 

And they have also been told to get to the doctor with erection problems and not suffer in silence. 

The Thaimedcouncil page said that Thai men are either “Jai raay” or “Jai dam” when it comes to their willies or penises.

Both Thai words mean they are cruel and heartless to their todgers. 

First the “Jai Raay” men. These are one of thousands of Thai men each year who inject their penises with strange substances in an effort to improve size. Most are in the 20-30 age group, they said. 

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They suffer skin eruptions, crinkling, and bending of their members. Or worse…

Sometimes they need amputation. 

Treatment was described as surgery that is both horrible and painful and in two stages. 

Stage one involved skinning their pride and joy like a sausage, then burying it inside the testicles for six months leaving only a one inch bit protruding. 

Stage 2 involved skin grafts with no guarantee that Little Johnny would be as useful as before. 

(The warning was jaunty and light-hearted but direct utilizing a wide range of synonyms for Thai members)

In a parting shot about “Jai Raay” men the medical council said that size was not important. They said that too many Thai men believe if they were bigger downstairs they could give more pleasure to their partners.

This is nonsense, they said. The Asian average penis size is 3 – 5 inches – that is more than enough. So you’d believe it!, was the message from the doctors.

“Jai Dam” Thai men were the 97% who have some form of erectile dysfunction but do nothing about it except stress and suffer.

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The council said that because of embarrassment and shame only 3% seek medical help for problems with their willies.

They encouraged more men to “look after number one” and seek medical help. It’s out there and effective for most people, they said.

Daily News reported on the page with a picture of a depressed looking man peering down next to a picture of a half rotten banana.

Their headline said: “Thai men warned about being cruel and heartless to their ‘younger brothers’ leaving them rotten and dejected”.

Source: Thai Medical Council on Facebook and Daily News