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Thai Motor Insurance With Free 24h Emergency Roadside Service … now available at J&C Services

When traveling in Thailand and your car breaks down, you run out of gas or you’re locked out, AXA Roadside Assistance helps make it simple and easy to get back on the road and on your way. This unique service is part of our new auto-insurance policy for Thailand, only available at J&C Services.

Sign up and feel more secure when you travel in Thailand.

J&C Services is the first and for time being the only agent in Laos to offer AXA Thai auto-insurance with free Roadside Assistance service.

For more information, please contact us at info@jclao.com or call 020 77 100 200.

The AXA Thai auto-insurance covers Third Party and Passengers. Our plan AXA 3 Free includes the 24-hour emergency roadside program, provides towing, a jump start, gas delivery, a flat tire change, even the services of a qualified locksmith, as following:

  1. Free All Light Labor Repair for an emergency roadside repair charge max. THB 1,500/incident unlimited incidents per year)
  2. Free Towing Fee for the first 50km to the nearest suitable repairer selected by AXA Roadside Service only. For the case that insured vehicle cannot be fi­xed through Roadside Emergency Service as indicate in item 1.
  3. Free Gasoline Re­fill up to 10 litres per year in case the insured vehicle runs out of gasoline and unroad worthy while on the road, this free service will enable effort in getting the vehicle to nearest petrol station.
  4. Free Coordination for Another Driver available in case of an accident causing bodily injury or sudden and serious unforeseen illness during the course of a journey taking place more than 100 km from customer’s permanent address as indicated in the insurance policy and no qualifi­ed person is at hand to drive the insured vehicle to the intended destination
  5. Locksmith Service in the incident of mistakenly locked or accidentally key lost, AXA Assistant will arrange and pay up to THB 1,500 per event for Locksmith solution
  6. Free Additional Services such as movie ticket or concert reservation, hotel booking or book a golf course etc.

*Remarks :
1. The roadside service is solely provided for losses that are not caused by car accident.
2. The Roadside Service is provided for 4 wheel vehicles (sedan, pick-up and van only) and vehicle age not exceeding 15 years.
3. All incurred costs for spare-part(s) replacement are excluded.
4. Customer is responsible for all costs exceeding the amount stated in the conditions.
5. Customer is responsible for all expenses for the service item 4 and 6. These services are referral and arrangement basis only
6. In respect of the additional services, the company is acting merely as a coordinator.
7. The Company recognizes the customer’s address as indicated in the insurance policy as the customer’s permanent address unless the customer noti­es the Company otherwise.
8. Conditions of Roadside Service are complied with AXA’s terms and conditions only.
9. Customer can use Roadside Service provided in Thailand only.
10. “Vehicle” stated in this document shall mean any vehicle as indicated in remark no. 2 that is insured with the company

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