Thailand Top Alcohol-Consuming Country In ASEAN, Followed Closely By Laos

Thailand is the top alcohol-consuming country in ASEAN with 40 percent of drinkers found in North-East region.

According to the latest alcohol consumption data collected by World Health Organization, Thailand is ranked 1st among ASEAN countries in alcohol consumption, followed closely by Laos and the Philippines.

The Current Situation and Effect of Alcohol Consumption in Thailand 2013 report conducted by the Center for Alcohol Studies (CAS) has shown that 31.5 percent of Thai people aged 15 years and over, or about 17 million drinkers, consume alcohol regularly.

Men consume alcohol more than women, while 77 percent of regular drinkers are adults.

The report also revealed that, in a year, each regular drinker consumes 7.1 litres of pure alcohol, which is equal to 226 bottles of beer or 25 bottles of spirit.

The region that has the most alcohol consumption in Thailand is the North-East region, with 6.7 million drinkers or 40 percent of the country, while the second most alcohol consumption, which is 23 percent of the country, is in the North region.

In Bangkok, there are 1.3 million regular drinkers or approximately eight percent of the country.

Source: Thai PBS