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The New Face Of J&C

This year, J&C begins a new journey !

J&C Services has been growing rapidly in various different directions, therefore it is time we require a new identity to incorporate all our activities and help them gain recognition under our J&C brand.

J&C Services will now be known as the J&C Group. Under this identity, we have several departments mainly Insurance, Marketing, Real Estate, and Investments, etc.  

J&C Group: J&C Insurance, J&C Marketing, J&C Real Estate & J&C Investment

All the departments and the employees together form the new identity of the J&C Group. With the formation of the J&C Group, each service and activity will now have its own management team and group of employees.

Today, J&C Group has more than 100 direct employees and provides work to many more through our suppliers. We are extremely proud of the Lao economic growth and by operating in Laos we intend to help the Lao people develop.

The President of this group is Mr. Stephan R. Aeschbach, and he oversees all the departments and their operations. “We believe there are two ways to support the people – one is through education and the other is through employment. We chose both, investing into the education of our staff members as well as providing employment” explains J&C’s founder Mr. Stephan Aeschbach. “We hire for various skill sets as each of our department works independently and has different requirements.”

Currently, under this group, we have insurance, marketing, real estate, investment, hospitality, manufacturing, and others.  Each department has been assigned its own color to help it have its own identity and essence as it stands with the J&C brand – which retains the traditional blue J&C Services would utilize.

J&C Group Management
J&C Group Management (from left to right):
Lukasz Nitka, Director J&C Marketing, – lukasz@jclao.com
Kasia Kadziolka, Art Director J&C Marketing – kasia@jclao.com
Casey Tolzmann, Director Real Estate – casey@jclao.com
“Nounou” Arinya Phonseya, Office & Finance Manager J&C Group – nounou@jclao.com
Fabrice Decico, Director J&C Insurance – fabrice@jclao.com
Stephan R. Aeschbach, President J&C Group – stephan@jclao.com

As we start this new journey, we build upon all of our existing values. We ensure trustworthy, punctual and reliable services. Like always, we will do everything we can to provide our clients with the best possibles service suited for their needs. We look forward to working with you in our new phase.

To know more about us please visit the about us section.