Thieves Target Vehicles For Break-Ins

Thieves breaking vehicle windows to steal property inside is becoming a major problem with police currently investigating numerous incidents, according to a district official last week.

An investigating official from Chanthabouly police office told press on Friday they were following up several reported incidents regarding groups of criminals targeting people’s cars and trucks by breaking vehicle windows for the valuables inside them.

A victim from Sisavath village, Chanthabouly district Ms Phetphim Champasith, said she was only recently reminded by a friend that thieves were breaking into vehicles to steal valuables as well as the registration documents.

“Then, I told my family to take the documents out of our car. Two days later, it occurred to me when they broke the right window of my car and took everything of value inside as well as the rear mirror,” she explained. Fortunately for Ms Phetphim they didn’t get the vehicle registration documents which were already removed.

She added that even though the car was parked at home the brazen thieves still targeted it, so nowhere is safe.

Vientiane Police Office reported that with so many cases involving the theft of valuables from vehicles and house break-and-enters occurring in Vientiane recently, police are working in close cooperation with local officials in their investigations and so far several arrests have been made.

However, the problem is still happening almost every day in Vientiane and it may be a symptom of society as the capital grows into a large city.

Police advised people not to store any valuable items inside their vehicles in order to deter thieves, while saying they would continue to investigate the crimes.

Source: Vientiane Times