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Traffic Police Chief Issued 15 Rules Over Lao New Year

Source: Vientiane Times

The Traffic Police Department has issued 15 rules for road users to follow over the Lao New Year period, stepping up the fight against drunk driving and hoping to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

The department, which falls under the Ministry of Public Security, has instructed all road users and the general public to strictly comply with the rules of the road and pay extra attention to safety.

J&C Group- your trusted partners in Laos
J&C Group- your trusted partners in Laos

Deputy Director General of the Traffic Police Department, Colonel Khamlek Xayasith, outlined the department’s rules for road users:

1. Drivers must comply with traffic regulations at all times.

2. Motorcycle riders and their passengers must wear a helmet. Rule breakers will have the bike impounded and will also be fined.

3. Car drivers and their passengers must wear seatbelts.

4. Before taking a vehicle on the road, drivers must ensure it is in good mechanical condition and that all parts are in good working order.

5. Vehicles traveling over long distances must always carry a backup driver and strictly comply with the regulations regarding land transportation.

6. On the Vientiane-Vangvieng expressway the maximum speed limit is 120km/h and the minimum speed is 80km/h. The police will arrest drivers who do not comply with these limits.

7. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Anyone found to be intoxicated will be taken into police custody for their own safety, and will later face legal proceedings. The driver will be counseled about the dangers of drunk driving. When the driver is no longer deemed to be intoxicated, he or she will be released. Alternatively, their relatives or friends can be summoned to pick them up.

8. It is forbidden to exceed the set speed limit in any locality.

9. Motorbike riders should not travel side by side or obstruct traffic by driving in the wrong lane.

10. Passengers must not sit on the outside of a vehicle when it is in motion or in traffic.

11. Passenger vehicles must not load up with goods as well as people and should not carry more than the legal number of passengers.

12. Parents or guardians of children under the age of 10 must not allow them to drive any type of vehicle.

13. Vehicles must not be parked on the roadside unless they are empty.

14. Anyone who violates the prohibitions of the Decree on Land Traffic will be counseled and fined in accordance with the law.

15. Traffic police in each province will be responsible for monitoring traffic, setting and enforcing traffic regulations, and regulating pedestrian areas and vehicle parking throughout the Lao New Year holiday.

Colonel Khamlek said the Traffic Police Department calls on all road users to cooperate and strictly comply with the traffic laws to reduce the amount of harm caused by road traffic accidents.