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Train Tickets Available In Advance At Luang Prabang Ticket Unit

Source: Vientiane Times

Tickets for the Laos-China Railway can now be booked four to seven days prior to the departure date at the Luang Prabang ticket service unit.

The ticket service office has announced that travellers can now book tickets in advance from May 10. For example, passengers wishing to take a train between June 4 and June 7 can make a booking on June 1. Tickets can be booked from Luang Prabang to different destinations.

The service office advised passengers to present their tickets booked in advance to train officers at the right time. If they are unable to show the booked tickets, they will be cancelled. The tickets should be presented at the station with the existing names of the passengers, and they cannot add the names of new passengers, withdraw the tickets or make any changes to the tickets.

The booking can be done by phone or by visiting the ticket office. The passengers must provide details such as the date of departure, the destination, preferred seat, contact numbers and other information needed by the ticket office.

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Travellers can call the ticket office at (030) 2022002, and they can collect the booked tickets from the office by showing their ID card, Covid-19 vaccination card and contact numbers of the buyer.

After the information is checked, passengers will be able to collect the ticket and then take the train on the exact date of departure.

Recently, the Laos-China Railway Company Limited opened a ticket office at Vientiane Center, a shopping mall in the centre of Vientiane.

The company is setting up an online system for selling tickets, and this is expected to become operational by the middle of this year.

The company aims to make it convenient for passengers to buy tickets, including ending the need to travel more than 10 km from the city centre of Vientiane to buy tickets.

Seven passenger stations are currently operational, including Vientiane, Phonhong, Vangvieng, Luang Prabang, Xay and Nateuy.