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Turn On To LAOSAT, TV Broadcasters Told

Source: Vientiane Times

Lao state and private television broadcasters are being requested to utilise the country’s own Laos-Pacific Pacific Satellite Co., Ltd. (LAOSAT).

Government policy requires that domestic agencies currently utilising equivalent satellite services from abroad make the switch to use Laos’ very own satellite, deputy manager of the satellite and application department of LAOSAT, Mr Keolavanh Outhavong, told Vientiane Times early this month.

“The private television agencies that are using satellites service from abroad will see those replaced by LAOSAT satellite when the current lease agreements end,” he said

Mr Keolavanh spoke to journalists from six Mekong-Lancang countries of China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia during a site visit to the satellite station in the capital last week.

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Currently, more than half of customers that are utilising the satellite from Laos are in Indonesia, he said.
Satellite television service see a total of 130 channels and nine languages from Laos, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and England.

Also, Wireless Broadband Communication Network (WBCN) service from LAOSAT plans to provide 4G wireless broadband internet services to the public and government agencies particularly those concentrated in the most populous provinces of Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Champassak, Savannakhet and Vientiane.

LAOSAT will also work with China Asean Information Harbor Corporation to build a cloud computing centre in Laos. The centre will provide cloud computing, cloud storage and other services and carry out value-added services such as e-government, e-commerce, e-finance, media entertainment, 4G media communication solutions, internet communication and television based on 4G service.

This will contribute to the building of a high-speed internet service in the Mekong-Lancang region.
LAOSAT-1 Telecommunication Satellite Project is seen as a successful example of close cooperation between China and Laos in high-tech fields and is also an embodiment of the comprehensive strategic partnership enjoyed by both sides.

China aerospace with the Lao government incorporated the joint venture Lao Asia Pacific Satellite Co. to carry out commercial operations focused on Laos and Asean.

It is expected to play an increasingly essential role in promoting Laos’ economic development, improving the livelihood of the people and the development of Mekong-Lancang regional industries.

The LAOSAT-1 Satellite was successfully launched into its scheduled orbit on December 21, 2015 from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre, China.

Its orbit puts it in range of an area of the planet with a population of some 1,280 million, located mostly in parts of China, South East Asia, South Asia and Australia.

In Laos, the satellite is providing telecommunication services to Lao government agencies such as the air traffic management of the Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Public Security, Laos-China railway construction, telecom operators and television stations.

LAOSAT is a joint venture established by the Lao government, LAOSAT State Enterprise Co., Ltd (LSE) and the subsidiaries of China Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd (SSTC) as well as the Asia Pacific Satellite Technology Co., Ltd (APST) from Hong Kong.