ULUVUS’ New Album Sure To Be A Laugh

ULUVUS, an expatriate rock band, will unveil their new album entitled “55555”, a play on the Lao sense of humour that shows the band are well in tune with Lao culture.

ULUVUS released their first album in 2009, after the band members had been living in Laos for some time, and have been immersing themselves further in the culture ever since.

“55555” is a post that Lao youngsters like to make on Facebook or send as a text message. Vocalised as “ha, ha, ha” this means something is considered to be funny and the new Lao language album is meant to be exactly that, fun for foreigners and Lao people alike.

The five members of the band who fell under the spell of the Lao language are known as Chris Crash (guitar/vocalist) Tom O’Hawk (drums), Databass (bass), Mee Wah Wah (guitar) and the relatively new Dr Luv (keyboard).

ULUVUS’ first album ‘Seu Soi Dair’ (Buy something to help me please), released in 2009, included several Top 10 hits including Phousao Bor Son Jai Hao, Hak Gan Leo, Gig Mai and Sao Sai Ta Jing Jai.

Vocalist Chris says the Lao language is easy-listening and that people like to speak in jokes, so many of the songs are a fun take on young people’s lifestyle.

All the guys in the band like to party, and for this album they have joined forces with well-known R&B artist Sam Intharaphithak, who really knows how to get a crowd on their feet.

ULUVUS plan to release a debut single on radio and YouTube soon, and they hint that it will be a funny song about someone who starts to like his mate’s girlfriend too much, but in the song he tells himself to stop because it is kalam and he knows it is wrong.

The album has something for everyone – from a taste of Mor Lam (traditional Lao folk music), to hair-metal, disposable pop and epic rock – alongside the band’s legendary music videos.

The album also includes a heartfelt ballad featuring Ning Nong from the award-winning Lao band Deep Heart. All this, for the price of a bowl of noodle soup!

“The themes of our songs are still the same – depicting the daily life of young people in Vientiane,” said the band’s keyboard player, Dr Luv.

“The main difference compared to the last album is that we have added 5 percent more keyboards, 55 percent more guitars and 555 percent more vocal harmonies,” he said.

“I’m not joking, either 55.”

ULUVUS will launch their new album at a free concert on 27 June at the Mark Two pub.

Source: Vientiane Times