ULUVUS Release ‘The Best Song Ever Written’

Rock band ULUVUS will release the best song ever written, Ma Dort Ma Ten Ma Man this week and plan to have concerts in October.

“It is without a doubt the best song ever written,” said Chris Crash, the band’s front man. “By an international rock band singing in Lao language, I mean.”

The song is an uplifting call to set aside your worries, slam on some cheap shades and celebrate life. The accompanying music video depicts a heartbroken girl who is cheered up by the sheer joy of listening to ULUVUS.

“All the classic Lao music videos feature a beautiful Lao girl crying, and we have not tried to mess with that formula,” said Komrade Marx, the band’s keyboard player. “The difference this time is that she escapes her personal life and comes for a dance with ULUVUS. Our dance moves are enough to cheer anyone up,” he said.

As with all the previous instant classics released by the band – who have been described as ‘Lao rockers with Falang faces’ – the song and video are collaborations with talented Lao artists. The video was scripted and filmed by Toppu (Mattiphob Douangmyxay), while the song was produced by legendary producer Sam Intharaphithak.

For the first time in their career, the band also collaborated with an established Lao lyricist. “I was originally planning to call this song ‘Itsataa hone’ (“Jealous Hot Eye”), but my friend Phouthakone Luangyotha came up with something a little sexier,” explained Mr Crash.

Mr Crash said that his band was planning a series of concerts at the start of October. “I would urge all our fans to ‘ Ma Dort Ma Ten Ma Man ‘” He said.

The new single is out now on Indee Records; the MV can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

Source: Vientiane Times