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Vehicle Registration Sees Increase Of 31,000 To June

The number of registered vehicles in Vientiane has increased by over 31,000 units in the first six months of this year, or an average of 5,000 units per month, a local newspaper reported on Monday.

Director of the Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Mr Nuanxay Phaxaysombath told Vientiane Mai that the number of new vehicles registered with the vehicle control unit has totaled 31,160 units in the first six months of this year.

The number increased by an average of 5,000 units per month, Mr Nuanxay reported. It has been observed that the number of passenger vehicles in the city has increased constantly when compared to the same period last year, he added.

Motorcycles still constitute the largest number of newly registered number with 18,922 units, followed by 3,157 cars, 5,886 pickups, 1,231 jeeps, 573 vans, 1,820 trucks, and 91 public transport vehicles.

In 2014 the total number of registered vehicles in Vientiane was recorded at 661,612 units, while vehicle registrations had increased by 3 percent from the 556,000 recorded in 2013.

From 2000 to 2015 the number of registered vehicles reached a total of 692,016 units and the number has increased year-on-year. This included 481,748 motorcycles, 3,409 three-wheeled vehicles, 44,516 cars, 90,334 pickups, 18,598 jeeps, 25,379 vans, 26,370 trucks, and 1,662 public transport vehicles.

When compared to the over 850,000 people living in the city, it means over three out of every four people, including men, women, and children have a vehicle of some kind.
Mr Nuanxay said the large number of vehicles reflects the continuing growth of the economy and the overall improvement in the standard of living as they have become an essential part of people’s lives.

However, the surge in vehicle imports has resulted in traffic congestion on main roads, which is becoming especially problematic in the rush hour.

Source: Vientiane Times