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Vehicle Technical Inspection

As in any other country, all vehicles in Laos have to undergo regular inspection to ensure that it conforms to regulations governing safety. Inspections are required every year with the exception for new cars who are good for the first two years.

There are at least three companies offering these Vehicle Technical Inspection in Vientiane city:
– The first company is located at Ban Phonsavang, Phonethong road, near to the DHL Office and the 105 hospital, click here for map (phone 021 263 557 or 021 480 536)
– The second one, Nonghai Car Inspection Station is located here, not far away from the Index Furniture showroom.
– The third one, VMS Autocare, is located just opposite the Vientiane Plaza Hotel, map

Insprection sticker Laos
An inspection sticker is placed on the vehicle’s windshield when it passes inspection and it displays the month’s number and the year of the next inspection date. The inspection fees are Kip 50’000 for motorbikes, Kip 100’000 for cars and Kip 150’000 for trucks.

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Road Tax 2017 Now DueWith regards to Road Tax stickers, they aren’t sold anymore at the technical inspection. Read more about the Road Tax here

For our friends in Luang Prabang, there the Technical Inspection is offered at the office “Service Provincial des Traveaux Publics et des Transports de Luang Prabang”, which is located at Ban That Luang.
At Pakse, the vehicle inspection center is located at Ban Phumuong (at Km 4, Road 13S), near Vat Haysouk.