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Vets in Vientiane

Many expats bring their four legged companions with them when they move to Vientiane and, as responsible owners, want to take care of their pets with regular vet visits.

Like many things in Laos the range of choice can be confusing and knowing which vet to choose can be overwhelming.

J&C Services is all about making life easier so to do that we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the best vets in Vientiane. Scroll down to see our choices, and if you think we missed one, leave a comment at!

MYVet Animal Clinic

Run by the english speaking Dr Larnoy and his team of local staff, this clinic is a popular choice amongst expats. They offer blood tests, surgery, vaccinations and consultations. MyVet can be contacted on 020 55 505 849 or through their Facebook page. Located on Phonetong Rd, MyVet can be found here

Dr Khamdeng

Dr Khamdeng trained Dr Larnoy and runs the oldest clinic in town. He manages a team of younger Lao vets in his clinic, which is not as modern but cheaper, than many of the other clinics listed here. He has a reputation for being passionate and caring amd speaks Russian, English and Lao. His clinic can be contacted on 021 314 575 and is located at Kilometre 4 on Thadeua Rd and can be found here


A popular veterinary clinic run by a team of english speaking Thai and Laotian doctors and nurses. The iVet hospitals are part of a chain of clinics with branches in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. They offer a wide range of services including a blood bank, translation services, pet hotel, surgery, 24 hour hospital, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation as well as services for disabled animals including wheelchairs. They can be contacted on 020 5546 3587, through their website ( or through their Facebook page. Located in Dongpalane Village, they can be found here

We offer a wide range of health insurance plans fit for every budget, provide a cover for all medical expenses that occur from illness, an accident or any unexpected incident.

Animal Doctors International

One of the more expensive veterinary clinics in Vientiane, but highly respected and offering ‘premium veterinary services’. Run by a team of western and lao doctors who are so confident in their quality that they offer their first consultation free of charge for all first time clients. They offer a range of services including a 24 hour surgery and up to date advice on travelling with pets both in and out of Laos.

Animal Doctors International can be contacted on 021 316 410, by emailing them at, through their website ( or through their Facebook page. They are located on Thadeua Rd and can be found here

FaXai Animal Clinic

A small clinic with run by a Korean (Dr Eunok Kim) and a Lao vet this clinic works closely with the local community as well as expats. Recently they gave out free rabies vaccinations to dogs in Thongphong Village. They can be contacted on 030 92  91 229 or through their Facebook page. Their clinic is located on Sapangmore Rd in Phonthan and can be found here

International Veterinary Center

Veterinary Practice in Vientiane since 2013 with international standards, Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics, Laboratory.

open Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm,
Soy 4, Ban Khountathong, Sikhottabong Dst., Vientiane (map)
Tel.: +856 021 350658

Another great resource for information is the Facebook Group ‘Pets Vientiane’. It is full of helpful people who care about the standard of care for animals in this country. The members are always happy to point people in the right direction, and were a great starting point for this article.

We hope you found this list helpful, but if we left anything out be sure to tell us at

by David Ormsby, copyright J&C Services 06/2019