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Via Via Pizzeria


You can’t go wrong with Pizza because it’s something almost everyone loves. It’s fairly simple to make, easy to eat and can be shared socially. Usually everyone has their own favourite pizzeria, and though you wouldn’t expect to find too much pizza in Vientiane, it’s actually quite common. You can find Pizza at The Pizza Company, of course, also at La Terrace, Le Ranch, La’s Pizza, Cote de Azure, La Provincial  and last but not least the Swedish Pizza and Baking House.

One place that I overlooked for years and only recently came to know and love is Via Via. The atmosphere reminds me somewhat of Vang Vieng; busy and bustling, full of tourists and giving quick in-and-out service. Tables stretch from inside the restaurant all the way to the pavement outside and patrons are kept cool by standing fans. The pizza bases are made out back, but toppings and baking is done in the middle of the restaurant in full view of customers so you can literally watch your pizza being cooked. The head pizza chef is a foreigner who runs the restaurant alongside his Lao partner.

Topping choices are minimal compared to other pizzerias in Laos, however this makes it easier for the indecisive, like myself. My personal favourite is the ‘Via Via’ which is basically a Hawaiian with a creamy sauce and an egg thrown in, or on, as it were. Crusts are thin but not doughy, a little floury perhaps, but this is always balanced by the overall flavour of most toppings. Via Via also does some great salads, and you can get a special deal buying pizza and salad together.  Their steaks and pasta need a bit of improvement, however, so I suggest sticking to pizza.

Via Via is located on the corner of Quai Francois Ngin and the same street as La Banneton.  You can find the google maps reference here. You can call and order ahead at Via Via on 021 252 068. Via Via also home delivers for an extra 5000 kip.

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