Vientiane Authorities Carrying Out Major Roadside Clearance Operation

Source: Vientiane Times

Vientiane authorities are cracking down on the arbitrary use of pavements for parking and vendors selling goods, and dismantling shops and advertising signs that are unsightly or impeding passage along 21 main roads in the capital.

The campaign to clear unauthorised structures and activities started on Souphanouvong Road and is currently continuing on 21 roads in total. Authorities are aiming to tidy up roadsides in the capital and in a bid to reduce traffic congestion.Officials intend to put a stop to illegal parking on pavements and other undesirable uses, as well as remove debris alongside pavements outside construction sites.

Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department will strictly police illegal parking and people selling food and goods along pavements, and make sure any objects encroaching onto pavements are taken down.

Head of Transportation Management Division under the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department, Mr Sivone Sapthavy told Vientiane Times on Thursday “The work to clear unauthorised structures, dismantle shops and advertising signs started in the middle of January and we are concentrating on 21 roads in the capital and expect to finish at the end of this year.”

“Currently, other districts in the capital are also concentrating on this work and removing the stalls of vendors selling goods along roadsides and taking down advertising signs,” he said.

Naxaithong district authorities commenced their operations on January 15 targeting illegal parking and the use of pavements by small business owners along 32 km of Road No. 13 North involving 23 villages, Head of Office, Public Works and Transport Office of Naxaithong district Mr Bounheuang Sengphommachanh reported recently. So far, they have dismantled 84 advertising signs and over 10 shops that were unsightly or impeding passage and re-educated 75 shop owners for violating the regulations.

Mr Sivone said last year, authorities improved roads, installed traffic signs, built roundabouts, painted line markings and put up median strip traffic barriers around the city. Some 220 traffic signs have been erected on several arterials including Kaysone Phomvihane, Asean, Thadeua and the Laos-Thai Friendship roads.

“This year, we will continue improving roads in the city with widening, more line markings and erecting safety signs in high-accident areas like Kamphaengmeuang, Kaysone Phomvihane, and Huakhua-That Luang roads,” he said.

Authorities have vowed to issue fines to anyone who tries to illegally encroach in the future onto the pavements of major roads in the city.


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