Vientiane Crime: Man Gunned Down & Bomb Explosion Injures Ten

A young Lao man, 21 from Vientiane was shot dead in front of the Friendship Hospital yesterday while getting into a pickup truck.

Deputy Chief of the Interrogative and Investigative section of Vientiane Police Office, Major Amai Luangpakdy said the young man was shot in the back of his head while getting into a pickup truck after drinking a can of beer at a noodle shop in front of the hospital. “The incident occurred at 2am, the investigating officials reported from the scene. We found Mr Phetsamone dead near the vehicle,” he explained.

He added the police still do not have a motive for the crime and need more information as they carry out their investigations.

“We wonder if the victim had any problems or was involved with other crimes. As to why he was murdered, this is a hard investigation and it will be a challenge for officers to investigate and find the truth,” he said. The Interrogative and Investigative section is now continuing its enquiries and has asked any witnesses to come forward and contact officials.

“It’s world cup fever time now, so we must know what kind of problem he may have gotten into. It could be gambling, drugs and gangsters or women,” Major Amai detailed.

Vientiane Crime: Man Gunned Down & Bomb Explosion Injures Ten

Explosion injures ten at wedding

Ten people were injured in a bomb explosion last weekend in Vientiane, with police now investigating the motive behind the incident. The explosion occurred at a wedding reception at a local restaurant in Sikhottabong district along Road No. 13 North on Sunday.

The explosion created a hole in the ground and left 10 people with slight injuries. What caused the explosion remains unclear, with authorities not knowing whether the bomb was placed inside the restaurant or thrown in from outside.

According to one source the 10 guests who were injured were all sitting at the same table and enjoying music being played from a car after the wedding celebrations had come to an end, just before the explosion went off.

Deputy Chief of the Police Interrogative and Investigative Department, Mr Amai Luangpakdy, said that most of the guests had already left when the explosion occurred. “We couldn’t identify the type of bomb that was detonated nor how it happened.” Mr Amai said the people injured in the explosion were taken to hospital and have since returned home.

Guests who attended the event were shaken up and did not expect such a ‘devastating incident’ to occur as weddings are a joyous and fun celebration.

An eyewitness said he heard the explosion but had no idea whether it was a bomb, electrical explosion or a lightning strike as there was a lot of thunder and lightning at the time of the incident.

“I only saw people with wounds and blood after the explosion and broken pieces of glass embedded in the wall,” he said, adding that the scene was chaotic with many people in a panicked state. He also said that he heard the host of the wedding saying he saw two strangers outside the restaurant just before the explosion.

Police said this was a rare case in Laos however they would find the motive behind the incident and also where the bomb came from.

The police have questioned the victims and other people who were present at the restaurant.

Source: Vientiane Times & Tholakhong (photo)