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Vientiane Plans More One-Way Roads

The Vientiane Administration Office will make further adjustments to traffic flow in the capital after finding that earlier changes have been beneficial.

Next on the list is a one-way system on Kaysone Phomvihane Road from the roundabout near the Army Museum to Patuxay, as this road is a major entry route into the city.

Road 23 Singha, starting from the traffic lights at the corner of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport through to the Nongbone Road access to That Luang, will be used by southbound traffic.

Another change will be made to Chanthakoumman Road, running from the t-junction near the Lane Xang Hotel to the traffic lights on Samsenthai Road.

The announcement was approved by authorities on September 3. The new one-way systems are part of traffic management measures to reduce congestion, especially in the rush hour.

The Vientiane Administration Office will inform the public about the new rules, with the changes to take place once the sectors involved have finished installing new road signs.

The authorities will then spend one or two months monitoring the new arrangements before making them permanent. Traffic police and other officials will be stationed on these roads to advise drivers during the trial period.

It is anticipated there will be some congestion when the scheme is first introduced but ultimately it is expected to improve road conditions and reduce accidents.

Fa Ngum Road has recently become one-way going north-west. However, authorities say more road signs are needed and streets linking to Fa Ngum Road should also be looked at to determine whether they can support the extra traffic.

Source: Vientiane Times