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Vientiane Plans To Solve The Flooding Problem

The Vientiane Urban Development and Administration Authority is currently working hard to clear drainage channels and storm water drains around the city in order to prevent further flash flooding during the wet season.

Every year when the rainy season arrives a number of main roads around Vientiane are blighted by flash flooding, which causes extensive damage to the properties of people who live in low lying areas and major difficulties for road users.
Deputy Director of the Vientiane Urban Development and Administration Authority (VUDAA) Mr Khampien Inthaluesa spoke to Vientiane Times about the matter yesterday.

“We are currently working to clear the drains in Wattai village, which are the main drainage outlets for Souphanouvong Road. Recently we’ve just completed some work on Hongseng drain in That Luang village and Ouylouy drain in Phonesinuan village.”
“We are trying our best to clear all the drains in Vientiane to try and eliminate the problem of flash flooding in the capital.”

“Even though we work hard, we still haven’t solved the problem because of poor urban planning as well as the increasing population in Vientiane,” Mr Khampien said.

“There are some small drains running from main roads that are not linked to the main drainage channels while some of them are damaged or not yet sealed.”

“Apart from those problems, we face budget limitations and late finances. Many roads and drainage systems have been in a very poor condition due to days of heavy rainfall but our budget was slow in coming so we could not undertake repair works when we wanted to.”
However Mr Khampien gave assurances that there is a long term plan to deal with this problem as the VUDAA and Public Works and Transport Department are repairing or upgrading the drainage systems along the main roads in the capital.

He added that local residents can help solve the problem through the contribution of people who live near the drainage channels, who can make sure they are free from rubbish and obstructions.

Source: Vientiane Times