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Vientiane Police Mull Use Of Speed Cameras

Source: Vientiane Times

Vientiane Police Headquarters plan to install speed cameras on major roads in the capital in a bid to reduce driving offences and the number of traffic accidents.

The headquarters in collaboration with Win Win Net Corporation Co., Ltd. last Friday held a presentation on speed cameras for police officers and officials from relevant ministries.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Chief of the Vientiane Police Headquarters, Colonel Thongsavath Luangchandavong.

“We gave the presentation on speed cameras to Lao police because we felt that Laos should be better developed regarding driving issues, especially traffic offences,” Company Adviser Head Mr Thanadej Theeravarapat said.

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“We have successfully carried out speed camera projects in other countries so we now wanted to introduce them in Laos,” he added.

The company wanted to point out that road safety issues would continue if Laos didn’t have a good system in place to manage the situation.

“If we use camera technology to regulate driving behaviour, it will help to reduce the number of traffic violations as has happened in neighbouring countries,” Mr Thanadej said.

The company plans to install pilot speed cameras along five main roads in Vientiane and then present the project to the government for consideration on other routes.

Mr Thanadej said the company required information from police headquarters as each road had different speed limits and the pilot cameras would most likely be installed on outlying roads.

The company will carry out a study and create guidelines for the project through ongoing consultation after receiving government approval.

“After this presentation, we believe we will have a good response from police headquarters and then we will work together on camera installation for the pilot project in the near future,” he said.

According to the company, the speed camera project would benefit the public by helping to slow drivers and reduce accidents through fair and transparent law enforcement.

“We are now waiting for agreement from the ministry to go ahead with the pilot project,” Mr Thanadej added.