Vientiane Reports 171 Dengue Fever Cases

Source: KPL

Some 171 dengue fever cases, including 69 female victims, have been reported in Vientiane Capital so far this year. No deaths have been reported.

Relevant officials from the Vientiane Capital Health Department said that the Ministry of Health and the department have prepared preventive and responsive measures with relevant authorities, including a public advice for people to destroy breeding habitats of mosquitoes, chopping down bushes surrounding houses, making sure no stagnant water is maintained in containers, releasing guppy fishes to eat mosquito larvae, sleeping under mosquito nets, and spraying chemical substances in mosquito breeding habitats, among others.

The efforts currently exerted by relevant sectors also include the dissemination of relevant information through print and electronic media to make sure people are informed about what steps they should take in order to prevent and better cope with dengue outbreaks.