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Vientiane Rescue (call 1623) Seeks Donation of First Aid Material

We are heading into Pi Mai and already Vientiane Rescue are overwhelmed with the numbers of calls. Emergency calls increased by 200% in 5 months and almost 500 victims were registered last month … and Pi Mai hasn’t even yet started !

Sébastien Perret from Vientiane Rescue told us today that the organisation is in desperate need of First Aid Material, mainly gauze pads and medical gloves.

In fact, Vientiane Rescue can barely afford to operate at all. The volunteers rely entirely on private donations to keep the emergency service running.

Vientiane Rescue (call 1623) Seeks Donation of First Aid Material

Please dig deep to help them through this period. Here again is the on-line link for donations:

Or you can go and buy large gauze and gloves and deliver to their headquarters at That Luang. You can find gauze pads and gloves behind Mahosot hospital or at the Saysaath Pharmacy on the T2. Please help Vientiane Rescue before Pi Mai.

Thanks so much and please spread the word !

Vientiane Rescue aims to bring assistance and provide a free and equitable emergency service to all accident victims in and around Vientiane. This is possible only through the good will, extraordinary dedication and generosity of the team.