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Vientiane State Bus Doubles Bus Fares

Source: KPL

The Vientiane State Bus Enterprise (VSBE) has doubled bus fares for students commuting on Thangon, Dongdok and Phontong-Dongdok routes.

The increased fare applies to those holding six-month and one-year electric bus passes. The updated bus fare is valid from November 5 onward.

Citing from an official of the bus company, electric bus pass holders who registered earlier this year could use their cards through the beginning of 2019.

The new fare will be 800,000 kip for six-month pass holders and 1.5 million kip for one-year pass holders.

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Student commuters traveling on the Dongdok and Phontong-Dongdok routes need to pay 600,000 kip for six-month travel and 800,000 kip for one year travel.

Since the launch of the electronic pass pilot project in 2014, Vientiane State Bus Enterprise has suffered deficits as cardholders were able to use them on many routes including to the Friendship Bridge.

The Vientiane State Bus Enterprise is continuing to introduce more convenient and user-friendly services, aiming to increase the number of public transport passengers and discourage people from using private vehicles thus easing traffic congestion in the capital city.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been supporting the Lao government through a project to enhance the capacity of the VSBE, with the second phase running from 2016-2021.