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Vientiane To Spend 7.4 billion Kip To Repair Roads, Prevent Flooding

Source: Vientiane Times

The Vientiane Authority is planning to use 7.4 billion kip from the Road Fund to repair roads and improve drainage in the capital’s nine districts in an attempt to resolve the city’s chronic flooding issues.

Many roads are in need of repair after suffering damage during heavy rain and the authority is looking at ways to improve and clear drains in places where flooding is most common.

Drains are often blocked by garbage and other obstacles because many areas are close to construction sites and increasing urbanisation is leading to more flooding in heavy rainfall.

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Director of the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department, Mr Soulivanh Phommahaxay, said “We will use 7.4 billion from the Road Fund to upgrade and clear roadside drains so that flooding is prevented in the future.”

They will replace the existing drainpipes with larger ones along the road by the That Luang traffic lights because this area always floods when it rains.

Work to repair roads and improve drains is expected to start at the end of October, Mr Soulivanh said.

The 7.4 billion kip will also be used by the authority to pay the money owed to companies that carried out road repairs in the capital last year, he added.

Every year, the government builds and repairs roads with many in Vientiane being in urgent need of repair after suffering damage in the rainy season.

The road upgrades should help to ease traffic congestion and improve driving conditions for motorists. The repairs will also facilitate smooth traffic flow during the rush hour as the number of vehicles continues to increase.