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Villages Inundated As Heavy Rain Lashes Two Provinces

Source: Vientiane Times

Many villages in at least two provnces of Luang Namtha and Luang Prabang provinces are suffering from flooding following torrential rain in recent days, according to local media.

River levels have increased and flooded crops, rice fields, gardens, fishponds and villages after heavy rain in the two northern provinces over the past three days.

Two districts and the Boten Special Economic Zone in Luang Namtha province are the worst affected areas, with Nam Ngaen village in Luang Namtha district being particularly badly hit.

Deputy village chief in Nam Ngaen village, Mr Nuang, told Luang Namtha provincial television on Tuesday that more than 10 hectares of farmland were flooded after heavy rain fell on July 19-20.

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“Village authorities and other officials have discussed ways to help local residents. If the rain continues for many days, we plan to move people to safe areas and seek ways to provide assistance,” he said.

On the same days, office buildings, vehicles and roads in the Boten Special Economic Zone were inundated after heavy rain.
In Nong district, Sivilay village, bridges and roads were affected by varying degrees of flooding.

The province’s Meteorology and Hydrology Department has warned local residents to move their belongings and important items as well as pets to a safe place, as river levels in the province are dangerously high.

The department is also urging people to keep a check on flood alerts.

Provincial officials have advised people living near the Tha, Thoung, Ma and Mekong rivers to be on the alert for flooding as these rivers are close to overflowing.

Many people are now in need of shelter, food and drinking water and some need boats to move around.

In Luang Namtha province, authorities are preparing safe places where people whose homes have been flooded can take shelter.
Pik Yai, Kok Ngiw and Xieng Lorm villages in Luang Prabang City have also been affected by floods following heavy rain in recent days.

Provincial authorities have discussed ways to help villagers and advised them to protect farmland and roads by building drainage ditches so that water can drain off and prevent flooding.

On June 13 and 14, Xayaboury, Bokeo, Xieng Khuang and Vientiane provinces also experienced floods in low-lying areas, mostly alongside rivers, which often burst their banks in the rainy season.