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Weathermen Warn Of Continuing Cold Snap

Source: Vientiane Times

Meteorologists are forecasting a further dip in temperatures by 1-3C as well as fog and wind gusts on January 9-10.

Authorities are warning the public to be prepared for more cold weather amid health concerns.

The Meteorology and Hydrology Department says that a cold front is spreading across the country and that temperatures could drop by 1-3C with fog and rain in mountainous areas, northern regions, the Bolaven Plateau and Xaysomboun province.

In central and southern regions temperatures could also drop by 1-3C with fog and wind in the morning.
Temperatures are expected to drop overnight and morning lows of 3-7C are possible in the north-east, while the maximum temperature will range from 22-24C.

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In the north-west temperatures are expected fall to 5-9C while the maximum will range from 28-30C. Temperatures in Xaysomboun province are expected to hit lows of 2-5C with highs of 19-21C.

In central regions, night and morning lows of 10-13C are forecast, while the maximum will range from 29-31C.

In the south, there will be light morning fog and the possibility of winds in some areas with expected minimum temperatures of 14-17C and highs of 30-32C.

There will be morning fog in Vientiane and temperatures could drop overnight, with an overall range of 13-32C and the possibility of occasional wind gusts.