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Weirdest Dinner in Vientiane, Guaranteed!

Weirdest Dinner in Vientiane, Guaranteed!North Korea is a mysterious and reclusive nation that has captivated the imagination of the world for some time. If you are at all curious about this northern neighbour and want to taste a little of its culture, you can start with a visit to Pyongyang Restaurant right here in Vientiane.

Pyongyang Restaurant is actually one of a chain of restaurants opening around Asia that are owned and run by the North Korean government. There are a myriad of rumours all over the internet surrounding the motives behind the restaurant chain, but I will leave this to your private research. Suffice to say, the place is very odd!

If you want to eat at Pyongyang Restaurant it’s imperative that you make a booking, even though when you arrive you’ll likely be the only party present. You’ll be greeted in the car park by a beautiful North Korean lady decked out in full traditional garb who will lead you into the building and straight to your table. Here you are presented with an array of North Korean waitresses who smile and nod and generally try to make you feel welcome. At this point the place will be deathly quiet and you will look around and note the weird decor, including a christmas tree and a whole wall covered in stones as well as nearby TV sets looping North Korean propaganda movies.

The menu is fairly similar to what you would find in a South Korean restaurant; there’s kim-chi of course, some soups, rice dishes and strips of beef. The big ticket item on the menu for me, though, was simply entitled “dog meat”. Nothing like a bit of cooked canine to really make a meal. I left that one out. I also left out the ‘bear gall bladder’ on moral grounds. For the curious, however, these things are there. In general I found the food fairly unsatisfying and at times overly spicy, although I am certainly no connoisseur of Korean cuisine.

Regardless, most patrons probably don’t visit Pyongyang Restaurant for the food. What brings people to the restaurant at least once in their lives (you probably won’t want to make repeat visits) are the waitresses. Believe it or not, they will merrily and obsequiously perform song and dance routines for patrons all night long. Although they specialise in North Korean propaganda songs, their repertoire is nothing short of amazing! Singing completely in unison and perfectly in key, they can even belt out various English ballads whilst dancing away in rather heavy and restrictive national dress. Amazing! Meanwhile, a more matronly woman behind the bar takes notes on all the goings on. And if you listen carefully you can even hear dogs (presumably from the menu) howling a mournful chorus somewhere else on the property.

Photos are frowned upon inside the restaurant so I was not able to give you a preview, however I leave everything up to your imagination. Try Pyongyang for a strange night’s entertainment: just maybe have a snack and a drink or two before you go. To find Pyongyang Restaurant you can take Thadeua Rd and turn at the gate for Watnak Nyai Temple (near the Australian Embassy) or follow the lane-way of the Singaporian Embassy and take the first right; the restaurant is at the end of the street. Find the google maps reference here.

NOTE: the restaurant is currently undergoing renovations and will reopen soon. We will update when it does.

3 thoughts on “Weirdest Dinner in Vientiane, Guaranteed!

  • Food is awesome, setting surreal.

    Be sure and check out the propagand materials, I mean travel brochures, in the glass cases lining the walls. Inviting you to celebrate the 1986 new year with a visit to the mountain where the supremely dear leader was born.

  • Lots of South Koreans go to this restaurant not really for the food, but to get a chance to talk to North Koreans. I am a Korean, and like the writer, I don’t find the food there satisfying, especially considering the price. Pyongyang is famous for its cold noodles(called “neng myun” in Korean), and that’s what most Koreans want to try on their first visit to the North Korean restaurant. Many people are fascinated by the beauty and talent of the ladies there. For me, a visit to the restaurant was an opportunity to confirm the fact that no matter what the government and anti-communists say, the North Koreans are just as human as the rest of us.

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