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is the leading online expatriate news and

information resource in Laos

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The statistics speak for themselves, jclao.com receives

over 30'000 visits per month, 65% of which originate

in Laos; most of these visitors are either

Expatriates or English speaking (upper class) Lao citizens



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In addition to our website we have different tools to communicate with our readers:

-Our monthly newsletter reaches over 8,000 expatriates living in Laos as well as the Lao upper-class citizens. Also here your logo is advertised and provides more visibility towards your potential target clients.

- More than 17,800 fans are following us on Facebook, where each article receives around 8,000 visits.

- A sponsored article is the best way to get your company's message heard. Real stories posted by real expats means real word of mouth advertising; the best kind possible in a small community.



jclao.com has become a very

strong communication tool and we are still

growing month by month.

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J&C Services is a fully registered, licensed and tax-paying company under Lao law holding enterprise registration certificate number 01000000974516 (S/1). Read more about us