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Life’s complicated enough. So we’ve made buying car insurance simple and fair, with all the benefits you’d expect and more. That’s car insurance the way it should be.

We offer the highest and best coverage for cars & motorbikes in Laos! We are proud to say that no other Lao insurance company provides such exceptional coverage !

We also offer the most competitive premiums !

J&C Insurance is currently offering an exclusive one-month free promotion for any 12 months’ new or renewed Motor Insurance (valid until further notice, J&C and APA withhold the right to withdraw this promotion at any time).


Comprehensive Coverage (damage to your own car, theft, fire, glass) up to the insured value

Driver & Passenger Coverage

Third Party Coverage (among others, Bodily injury Kip 1’200 Mio per accident, medical expenses up to Kip 20 Mio and material damage up to Kip 120 Mio)

*PRESTIGE MOTOR INSURANCE has been-tailor made by APA Insurance exclusively for the clients of J&C Insurance (see brochure here)

We can also cover your car against damage, theft and fire when driving in Thailand !

J&C Insurance is an award winning and leading independent insurance specialist in Laos offering customer-tailored solutions. We cover Health, Travel, Motor, Office, Home & Content, Public Liability, Life & Personal Accident and many more !
And all for the best premium !

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