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Medical Situation in Vientiane

Unfortunately, the local hospitals are still a “no-go” for foreigners due their lack of the most basic equipment. Most expats in Vientiane visit either the Alliance International Medical Centre (“Thai Clinic”) and the French Embassy Medical Centre (“French Clinic”).

The Alliance International Medical Centre is the newest medical centre in Vientiane. The clinic is operated by the Wattana Hospital Group of Thailand. The “Thai Clinic” is run like a small hospital, with general doctors, diabetes and hypertension specialists, pediatrics and child development specialists, a women’s  clinic, optical specialists, a skin care center and health check-up centre. The facilities at the centre include a pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray equipment, ultrasound and mammogram equipment and echo-cardiogram equipment. To make an enquiry or find out about doctors’ timetables send an email to info@aimclao.com.

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The French Clinic includes medical consulations, laboratory analyses / pathology, dental care, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychotherapy. The Centre does not accept appointments for medical consultations so you just have to walk in. While the Australian Clinic is only accessible during the official opening times of its Embassy, the French Clinic, located near to the Waterpark, offers 24 hour on-call emergency service and doctors also make house calls. It’s what we would call “the family doctor”.

For life-threatening emergencies and surgical operations, it’s best to cross the Mekong River and go to one of the Thai hospitals in Nongkhai (Wattana Hospital), Udon Thani (AEK International Hospital) or Bangkok (read here our article about Hospitals in Bangkok)

AIMC :   021-513 095
French :   021-214 150  (emergency 020-5655 4794)