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Make Your Own Soda !

Use the Soda Maker with the power of a C02 carbonator to turn tap water into sparkling water in an instant. You have the flexibility to create your own delicious, sparkling drinks by simply adjusting the fizziness to your personal taste.

Say goodbye to sugar and calories, and hello to fresh sparkling hydration at home or on-the-go !

  • Kip 1’100’000 Promotion Soda Set grey color (includes dispenser, water bottle and gas tank)
  • Kip 1’250’000 Regular Soda Set white color (includes dispenser, 2 water bottles and gas tank)
  • Kip 600’000 additional gas tank
  • Kip 250’000 additional water bottle
  • Kip 100’000 refill of gas tank

Our refillable CO2 tank make up to 60L of sparkling water and when empty, can be exchanged for full ones (Kip 100’000).

The refill services is also available for customers who have a dispenser already.

Visit us at our J&C Group office (location), we are open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For any inquires, you can contact us at info@jclao.com or call 020 77 125 000.

Delivery / shipping services are not available, pick up at our office only.

Better for the planet – One reusable bottle can save up to 3,700 single use plastic bottles from going into landfills