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Heineken Laos Creates Beer Star Cube

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

In a world where cultures converge with global brands, Heineken Laos and Wunderman Thompson Thailand has unveiled the Heineken Star Ice, a product that pays tribute to the beloved “beer with ice” culture in Thailand and Laos. Beneath the surface of this seemingly simple innovation lies an ingenious process that transforms Heineken beer into a refreshing ice cube – a feat that defies convention and elevates the beer-drinking experience to new heights.

Brewing innovation from the start, the creation of Heineken® Star Ice involved a meticulous freeze process designed to tackle the challenge of beer’s distinct freezing point, which differs from that of water. To achieve the perfect balance between chill and flavor, the great art of blast freezing was used, a technique that immediately freezes the ice at -35 degree Celsius to ensure that the beer is transformed into ice without compromising its premium taste in a world-renowned Heineken® star shape.

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Through this groundbreaking process, ordinary ice is elevated to extraordinary levels. The resulting Heineken® Star Ice cubes boast an unprecedented chilling power, a remarkable 20% colder than regular ice. As a result, each Heineken® beer is infused with an invigorating coolness that perfectly complements the vibrant cultures of Thailand and Laos.

Beyond its temperature-altering prowess, the Heineken® Star Ice plays a key role in preserving the cherished “beer with ice” tradition. Crafted to melt at a rate two times slower than typical ice, the cubes prolong the enjoyment of every sip, allowing cherished moments with friends and loved ones to unfold at a leisurely pace.

Park Wannasiri, Chief Creative Officer of Wunderman Thompson, said: “We take pride in fusing global brand excellence with the beauty of local traditions. The creation of Heineken® Star Ice was a passionate journey that embraced the ‘beer with ice’ culture, reimagining tradition with an innovative freeze. Beyond the refreshing chill, this ice represents a celebration of unity and the shared moments that bring us all together. Here’s to Heineken Star Ice – a truly cool and cultural experience!”

Just as artistry lies in every sip of Heineken® beer, so too does it radiate from the elegant presentation of the Star Ice. Encased in a premium package that reflects the sophistication and appreciation for tradition, the Heineken® Star Ice invites consumers to indulge in a truly unique and unforgettable beer-drinking experience.

Fahmi Rajendra, Marketing Director, Heineken® Laos, said: “Heineken® is turning 150 years; no such any other perfect time talking on our heritage and honour our history while spreading the spirit of good times and embracing the gezelligheid lifestyle that Heineken® represents.”

“And no such any other perfect opportunity driving connection with consumers by celebrating light-hearted ways of how they enjoy good times with Heineken® all around the world whilst unintentionally adapting the brand and making it their own.”

“With bold creativity, meaningfulness and open-mindedness Heineken® Star Ice was then brought to life.” Inviting our local consumers in Laos to have good times with Heineken®; the beer that is part of their world; while still enjoying their local beer drinking culture, ultimately!”

“What a perfect H150 celebration!”

So, as you raise your glasses to the Heineken® Star Ice, toast to the fusion of innovation and tradition, an alliance that celebrates the spirit of unity, shared moments, and the refreshment of a lifetime.