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7-Eleven Opens First Store in Laos

Source: PR News Wire

CP ALL Laos, a Master Franchisee of 7-Eleven International LLC (“7IN”) – a joint venture of 7-Eleven, Inc. (SEI) and Seven-Eleven Japan (SEJ) – opened its first 7-Eleven® store in Laos. The store is located on Souphanouvong Avenue in Vientiane.

The store features 7-Eleven’s signature retail environment and serves a variety of internationally popular products and beverages – including bean-to-cup coffee, Slurpee® drinks and Big Gulp® drinks. Customers can enjoy hamburgers, toasted sandwiches, and freshly baked bread. CP ALL Laos is looking into opportunities to offer Laotian meals.

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CP ALL Laos is excited to serve the community of Vientiane, the capital and largest city of Laos, as it experiences significant economic growth and surge in tourism following the opening of the Laos-China Railway high-speed train.

“With its thriving economy and growing population, Laos offers an excellent environment for 7‑Eleven’s first retail venture in the region,” said 7-Eleven International Co-CEO’s Shin Abe and Ken Wakabayashi. “Our entrance into the country brings Laotian customers a one-stop-shop solution with quality fresh food and convenience needs, via a store format not currently prevalent in the market. The store opening in Laos marks the 20th country and region for 7-Eleven. We are excited to continue to provide citizens and tourists alike with world-class convenience.”

CP ALL Laos Co., Lt. is a subsidiary of CP All Public Company Limited, which operates more than 14,000 7-Eleven stores in Thailand and Cambodia and is one of the largest 7-Eleven licensees. CP ALL Laos plans to expand stores throughout the country, starting with the Vientiane metropolitan area.