Vorlavoud Ketthongsy

When I think of insurance, it has to be reliable, trustworthy and professional – and this is exactly what J&C is! In fact, not just J&C but also Stephan. He is highly reliable and trustworthy and every business is just a reflection of the owner – so I know my insurance is of high quality and will be instantly available when I need it!

Marc O. Renault
SBL Construction Solutions

VIS International School

At Vientiane International School we use J&C Insurance for Health & Personal Accident as well as for Property Insurance. We found that J&C’s rates easily beat those of their competitors whilst providing even greater coverage at the same time.
Working with J&C Insurance is great because they provide professional staff who understand exactly what VIS needs as an international community. I highly recommend J&C Insurance for any insurance matters.

Bryndis Chapman
Operation and Finance Manger, Vientiane International School

I have used J&C Insurance for different insurances and I greatly appreciate the offers that meet needs of independent expats. J&C Insurance (Stephan!) have truly been helpful when I had questions and service has been really quick and effective in a place where many things tend to take a while!!! Totally recommend.

Pascale Chantavong

Moving to a new country and trying to set up every aspect of one’s life there is never easy. It can be confusing, it can be stressful, and most of all, it can be extremely time-consuming.
What I have found so impressive about my experiences with Stephan and his colleagues at J&C Insurance is simply that they remove those issues.
They are professional, they are polite, they are knowledgeable about their products, they are responsive, they give you exactly what you need for your circumstances, and most importantly, they do all this very quickly (thereby saving their clients’ valuable time).
They have also clearly put a lot of thought in to how to minimise any inconveniences for their clients (they come to you, at a time of your choosing, and they are always exactly on time). In short, they make your life easier.

James Williams
Head of Sustainability, LPFL

Thanks for all your help – your company offers exceptional service and is very professional. I have also appreciated all the extra information you provide on Facebook etc.
Keep up the good work!

John Burley

I chose J&C Insurance as my insurance provider for both personal (vehicle) and my company’s (health for 20+ staff), for two main reasons. The first, service. The second, price competitiveness. In terms of service, whilst seeking quotes I found the team at J&C incredibly responsive both by phone and email. This has continued after purchasing policies and my queries are dealt with efficiently and quickly. I’ve never had to leave my office, with representatives travelling to me, which is a great help. In terms of price, they are competitive to local providers, possibly even offering a little more for one’s money. In all, only positive experiences so far – I can recommend highly.

John Cotton
Chief Administrative Officer, ACAS Co., Ltd.

At 08:12am I sent a request for a quotation for vehicle insurance to info@jclao.com.
By 08:43am I received a response from Stephen Aeschbach and by 15:00pm that same afternoon the insurance policy documentation was hand delivered to my office. In the words of late Walt Disney: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”, I’ll definitely be spreading the word.

Jason Barnes

We have been working with J&C Insurance from very early in the pre-opening process of our hotel. I have found the team incredibly professional and helpful, giving advice not only on insurances but they also had some handy tips on living and working in Vientiane for our new team members. This was particularly welcome as it helped the team to settle in.
When it came to negotiating the health insurance for our 260 employees, J&C continued with their partnership-approach and found great solutions for us. What I particularly enjoy is how they look after us after the contract was signed and how they help my team with claims and every-day questions. Clearly, this is a team that is interested in more than just signing a deal – they really care.

Oliver Horn
General Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotel Vientiane

Stephan, Fabrice & the rest of the J&C Insurance team have helped me with both house and health insurance as well as insurance on several vehicles over the last 8 years. They are highly committed to their profession and deliver an outstanding service level. J&C Insurance has our best interests in mind and have kept us apprised of what actions needed to be taken care of.
I hold J&C Insurance in the highest regard as far as customer service goes and don’t hesitate to recommend them for any services you need.

Ait Geurts
Nakarath Travel

There is perhaps nothing more important to expatriate staff working in developing contexts than decent, reliable health insurance.
With a diverse staff of over 40, from a dozen different countries, dependent families and an expansive age range, it was proving challenging to find a comprehensive and affordable policy to meet our needs.
J&C Insurance stepped in and, through the unparalleled attentiveness of Stephan and Fabrice, we were able to secure a comprehensive policy in a very short period of time, and at very competitive rates.
Not only were J&C incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, their response times, after sales service and on-going support have been excellent. They are highly recommended.

Catherine Wood
Director of Administration, Vientiane College

I have been using J&C Insurance on a personal basis and a business basis for several years. I have found Stephan and the team at J&C to be extremely helpful, attentive and flexible in helping to manage insurances of both vehicles and property.
The level of customer service is some of the best that I have experienced and I am very happy to recommend Stephan and the team at J&C Insurance to any potential clients

Kevin McArthur
Asia Safari

Stephan R. Aeschbach & Fabrice Decico of J&C Insurance have been our excellent agent and steadfast supporter providing motor, personal accident, travel, fire and home insurance since 2008, and among many other awards he has won our Best Agent Award for each year since 2014 !
Together with J&C Insurance we have developed special packages to suit best the needs of his international clientele, most of these being sold exclusively through J&C Insurance team.
We found Stephen’s office has always promptly and efficiently answered the clients’ requests and provided exceptionally friendly and professional service to his clients. If you should have any questions regarding J&C Insurance, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Raymond Lim
CEO, Forte-Toko Assurance

As a partner with one of the four largest professional services firms in the world, I’ve had many relocation experiences during my career. I’ve lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Boston, New York, and Vientiane. Every move is complicated, and especially so with a family. When it came to our Laos move, Stephan and J&C Insurance were exceptional. They had the answers to our questions, and gave us the advice and service we needed (sometimes before we even knew we needed it!).
They have also been our insurance brokers in Laos, and we have been pleased with both their commitment to client service and their good advice — J&C Insurance helped us determine the type and level of insurance we needed in Laos that fit within our worldwide coverage arrangements. I encourage anyone moving to Laos to call Stephan at J&C Insurance. They can make Laos a wonderful place to live.

Jim Calvin

Ulvi Shirinov, Principal ISL - International School of Laos

Ferenc Levai, General Manager ADC Aquatic Development Company

Ait Geurts, Product Manager Nakarath Travel

Marc DeWinter, President Zebra Pacific Co

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