Home & Content Insurance

There’s No Place Like Home. Be Sure It’s Protected.

No one wants to experience a home burglary or a fire, but you can minimize the inconvenience if you cover your valuables through a home / content insurance. You may be surprised at how much everything in your pad is worth when you add it all up. The average renter owns about $20,000 in personal property.

Our Home and Content Insurance covers loss of and damage to your home and your content, caused by fire, break-ins and weather events:

   •  Fire
   •  Burglary
   •  Water Damage
   •  Glass Breakage
   •  Earthquake
   •  Public Liability


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J&C Service is an independent insurance specialist representing Toko Assurance, LaneXang Assurance, AXA Insurance and William Russell. 

J&C Services, an independent insurance specialist and a Top Gold agent of Toko Assurance in Laos, is offering customer-specific solutions to our clients, while providing at the same time the most competitive premiums.
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