Travel Insurance by APA

APA Travel Insurance

Our APA Travel Insurance covers accidents and illnesses incurred on your trips in Laos or abroad.

Travel Coverage:

  • Tourists
  • Business travel
  • Travelers attending exhibitions and study trip
  • Traveling or visiting for a visa
  • Traveling with family
  • Travel to study abroad
  • Honeymoon

Type of Cover:

  • Individual for ages 16-75 years
  • Family: Couple and Children (children under 16 years)
  • Group with more than 5 people
Individual & Family

For Individual & Family, download our brochure here
For Groups, download our brochure here
(includes coverage and premium)

J&C Services is the largest insurance agent in Laos. J&C Services has been awarded many times in the past, most recently with the highest honor “Insurance Asia Awards 2019“, “Diamond Agent 2018” and for “Excellent Agent of 2018”.

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  • Copy passport(s)
  • Destination
  • Travel period (from … to …)
  • Beneficiaries (and relationship)
  • Selected policy option