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Asean Members Give Further Boost To Single Aviation Market

Source: Vientiane Times

Air transport officials of Asean member state countries will work to build up the Asean Single Aviation Market, which is seen as one of the key milestones in developing the Asean Economic Community.

The officials also reaffirmed their commitment to driving their vision and dreams one step closer to becoming reality in the near future.

This information was outlined yesterday during the 36th Asean Air Transport Working Group and other related meetings, taking place in Vientiane from September 4-7, during which they made a commitment to enhancing cooperation on air transport services.

At the meeting, officials focused on key decisions reached at the previous ATWG meeting held recently, particularly completing key economic and technical elements to implement the open skies policy, Director General of the Civil Aviation Department Mr Vanhpheng Chanthaphone said.

Mr Vanhpheng, who is also chair of the ATWG, said the meeting also focused on key performance indicators to monitor the implementation of the Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategy Plan, which is targeted for submission to the 43rd Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM) for consideration and approval. As anticipated, the 43rd STOM also supports strategies of approach in order to maximise the progress in negotiations with existing and prospective dialogue partners.

Other issues concerning the Asean Strategic Action Plan for Consumer Protection 2016-2025 including the proposed projects and initiatives which are relevant to ATWG under the said Action Plan were discussed.

The documentary and procedural requirements for the development of Asean common standards and procedures for the issuance of schedule flight permission and overflight permission was also briefed.

“To build upon those achievements and to ensure a successful conclusion to this week’s meeting, I hope to see kind support and cooperation, active participation and contributions to our deliberations so as to ensure the success of this significant meeting,” Mr Vanhpheng said.

The Asean Single Aviation Market, also known as the Asean Open Sky Agreement/Policy, is the region’s major aviation policy. It is geared towards the development of a unified and single aviation market among Asean members in Southeast Asia.

The aviation policy was proposed by the Asean Air Transport Working Group, supported by the Asean STOM and endorsed by Asean transport ministers.

The creation of the Asean Single Aviation Market was a key component of the road map for the establishment of the Asean Economic Community.

The Asean Single Aviation Market is expected to fully liberalise air travel between member states in the Asean region, allowing Asean countries and airlines operating in the region to directly benefit from the growth in air travel around the world, and also freeing up tourism, trade, investment, and service flows between member states.