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Be Aware: Burglary Number One Crime During Pi Mai Lao

Before the Lao New Year / Pi Mai holiday police and local security officials are warning the public to be on their guard against opportunist thieves on the streets, vehicle theft and home burglary.

Over Pi Mai Lao burglary is the the major problem while others are bag snatchings, drug abuse and assault.

Last year the police reported that burglary cases that were reported occurred mainly during the daytime when thieves identified an unoccupied house because the owners had gone away on holiday. The thieves would then break in looking for valuables they could steal. With the vehicles the thieves usually looked for cars and motorbikes parked in quiet places where stealing them was easier.

Some of the thieves work in teams and travel around the streets in search of likely targets, especially in isolated areas where there were few people around.

We recommend to protect your values through a home / content insurance.

No one wants to experience a home burglary or a fire, but you can minimize the inconvenience if you cover your valuables through a home / content insurance. You may be surprised at how much everything in your pad is worth when you add it all up. The average renter owns about $20,000 in personal property.

Our Home and Content Insurance covers loss of and damage to your home and your content, caused by fire, break-ins and weather events:

   •  Fire
   •  Burglary
   •  Water Damage
   •  Glass Breakage
   •  Earthquake
   •  Public Liability


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