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City Roads Upgraded Ahead of ASEAN Summit

Source: Vientiane Times

Many roads in Vientiane are being repaired or upgraded in preparation for the Asean Summit next year, one of which is a 4.4-km road along the Mekong River between Oumoung and Kaoliew villages in Sikhottabong district.

The road is part of a flood barrier and construction began at the end of 2021, with the work now nearing completion. A concrete surface is being laid and a drainage channel installed.

Work on another road measuring 7.5 kilometres between Dongnathong and Nongphaya villages is also nearly complete and streetlights are being installed.

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The total project cost was set at 376 billion kip with Phongsubthavy Group Co., Ltd. paying the full amount upfront and the government repaying the company in installments.

The completed road will be 24 metres wide and have six lanes, a median strip, pavements and drainage, as well as traffic lights.

The upgrade will enable more vehicles to bypass the congested city centre and improve conditions for local vendors and residents. The road links Huayhong-Dongnathong and Nongphaya villages to Road No. 13 North.

Public works authorities are also repairing traffic lights, cleaning pavements, and considering aspects of construction and urban planning to ensure the city develops appropriately.

Main drainage channels will be cleaned and roadside ditches will be filled in to prevent stagnant water collecting.