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COVID 19 is Covered by All Our Health Insurance Plans !

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has caught the world off guard. With the rising number of confirmed cases and deaths worldwide, the pandemic disease has triggered much confusion and uncertainty — feelings we certainly aren’t comfortable with.

Having health insurance coverage for COVID-19 is reassuring in this tough time.

Does your health insurance policy cover coronavirus, you might be wondering.

The good news is that J&C has got you covered. All health insurance plans offered by J&C Insurance are covering COVID-19 !!! *

And for our health insurance plans with over $100’000 coverage, we can provide you with a confirmation letter as requested by the Thai authorities.

Contact our insurance team at , 020 77 125 000 or visit

* Medi+ health insurance plan has following limitation regarding COVID-19: “If the treatment for COVID-19 is not under direct public authority, and the patient need to pay for treatment expense for COVID-19 by themselves, MSH China will cover under Mediplus policy as per usual policy term and condition.”