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Feuang District Opens Its Doors For Adventure

Source: Vientiane Times

The hidden and untouched nature of Feuang district in Vientiane province will become more widely known, with the district moving to open its doors to adventure activities.

One man who loves the nature there, Mr Vanna, is now seeking to develop his beloved hometown to become a land of adventure.Mr Vanna became a developer for Feung district’s tourism activities after gaining permission from district authorities to make the area more exciting for visitors.

Having previously worked in the tourism sector in Vangvieng, he has seen the potential district’s landscapes, rivers, and mountains when it comes to natural adventures.

Vanna is now developing adventure activities that focus on creating different activities, some of which tourists have never seen in Laos.

‘I am making bamboo rafts that tourists can paddle along the Nam Lik River, which brings them closer to nature,’ Vanna said while driving his minivan.

Visitors paddle on bamboo rafts along the Nam Lik river, a new tourism experience.

Of course, the district has a big river which also fuels a power plant, and many mountains which are suited to adventure activities.

Last year, Vanna served tourists for a pilot project of bamboo rafts to bring tourists in touch with nature.

Each bamboo raft weighs between 5-10 kilos, which tourists can paddle by themselves or be helped by a guide as they take in the beautiful surroundings.

Meanwhile tourists can also take power boats to explore the waterfalls through the Nam Lik basin.

There is still no road access so tourists must take a 50 minute boat ride on the Nam Lik reservoir before walking for a further 20 minutes to the waterfall.

When trekking to the waterfall, visitors will be reminded of the Lao proverb that the road to hell is easy but the path to heaven is difficult.

But once they arrive at the beauty of the waterfall, they will quickly forget their tiredness as they take in the crystal clear water and cool fresh air.

Visitors should remember that it is more than two hours to the waterfall and back so they should be careful to plan their trip.

Before you return, don’t miss talking to the fishermen who spend their life fishing from small floating houses along the Nam Lik basin. Easy going and relaxed, they will always welcome a chat.

With all of the adventure in Feung district, you can’t do everything in just one day; there is still the kayaking and famous ‘tubing’ down the Nam Lik river over a distance of 10-15 km.

These activities will let you and your friends make time for sitting by the river and enjoying the spectacular scenery, fresh air and distant laughter.

If you dislike kayaking or tubing you can also hire a speed boat. The prices depend on where you want to go.

If you like swimming in the fresh, cool water in the early evening, you can ask for a guide to take you to the best swimming spots but be warned, the water can be very cool.

Watching the sun rise over the mountains is another photogenic moment. If you want to get a better view you should make your way down to the riverside, where you can relax to the tranquil sounds of the gurgling water.

The lifestyle of the people in this district is easy-going and you can see local residents enjoying a refreshing bath in the river or fishing in the early morning.

The weather at this time of year is perfect for a visit; warm enough for a quick dip in the river and cool enough for a relaxing evening.

Feuang district is still developing its tourism industry, so there are only a few guesthouses and bars to serve visiting tourists.

The district is appropriate for easy-going tourists who love the peaceful touch of nature and the locals’ lifestyles.

How to get to Feuang district

Feuang district is about 100 km from Vientiane along Road No 13 North, where you take a left turn at the junction at Hinheup. You can get there by bus or pickup truck.

If visitors need to book a guesthouse in advance, they should contact the Feuang district Information, Culture and Tourism Office.