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First Café Amazon Concept Bar Opens in Vientiane

Source: Vientiane Times

The Café Amazon Concept Store, which resembles a circus in design, has opened in Savang Village, Chanthabouly district, Vientiane recently, providing an additional retail coffee outlet to meet the seemingly insatiable thirst for the beverage among the city’s younger generation.

The newest branch of Café Amazon is located next to the Lao National Circus and has an innovative and luxurious interior that offers customers a distinctive atmosphere, based on the open circular structure of the circus next door.

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The restaurant serves up a wide range of coffees, fruit smoothies, other beverages and light meals, all at reasonable prices.

The Concept Bar is unique in Vientiane and does not feature at other Café Amazon branches in the city. The coffee served in the bar is specially selected from Thailand.

According to (PTT) Lao Co., Ltd.’s website, there are 90 Café Amazon branches in Laos including nine in the north of the country, 56 in the central region, and 25 in the south.