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Laos Introduces New System to Regulate Foreign Workers

Source: The Star

Laos’ Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will apply a new system to issue visas for illegal foreign workers and renew the work permits of legal foreign workers.

According to a report from the ministry on Wednesday (April 24), the ministry organized a training course for relevant authorities, introducing a new system to accelerate the issuing of registration cards and the renewal of work permits for foreign workers in Laos.

The training course was held in the Lao capital Vientiane from April 22 to 23.

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The new system is designed to ensure uniformity and streamline the issuing of worker entry permits, registration cards, and renewed work permits for foreign workers.

The new system will make government services in this area of work more efficient and accurate, said the report.

The relevant sectors have been urged to jointly address the problem of undocumented workers and ensure that all foreign workers are registered.

The ministry is urgently seeking to resolve labor-related issues by coordinating with relevant sectors at both central and local levels to ensure they carry out their roles effectively.