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Laos Named One of the World’s Best Destinations for Aussies to Visit

Source: Vientiane Times

The Australian media outlet news.com.au has named Laos one of the best places for Australians to be digital nomads.

“I believe Laos is the best country to visit in the world right now!” enthused Anthony Bolzonello, a freelance travel journalist who has traveled to 107 countries and is one of 16 Australians in the Travelers’ Century Club.

“In my view, it’s one of the world’s best-value destinations that offers diverse experiences without breaking the bank – especially in comparison to living in Australia.”

Owned by News Corp Australia, the media organization, through Mr. Bolzonello’s article, referred to the three main towns of Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Vangvieng, saying they are all highly walkable.

“Laos stands out as a budget-friendly haven where one can comfortably live and work for less than $50 a day. Accommodation in Luang Prabang and Vangvieng are priced at an unbelievable $20 per night,” the article stated.

“You can enjoy a lavish meal at a Vientiane French restaurant – soup, steak with blue cheese, mash, a head-sized chocolate souffle, and a 500ml Beer Lao – for a mere $18 – almost the price you pay for a pint in Melbourne or Sydney these days.”

Mr Bolzonello said he had lunch twice in Vangvieng at a family-run restaurant where he was treated to a chicken sandwich, ten juicy skewers, a cucumber salad, freshly squeezed lime and mint juice, and a Pepsi, all for $12. This is evidence of the town’s affordable and delicious food, he observed.

“But you are probably reading this thinking there must be a downside. Perhaps the travel between the cities? Well, the Chinese and Lao governments recently built a brand new ultra-efficient high-speed train network that can get you from city to city in just over an hour,” he said.

Last year, Laos’ stature as a tourist attraction grew after the country was ranked by international media organizations, including CNN, National Geographic, and the Telegraph, as one of the world’s top travel destinations for 2023.

National Geographic highlighted the Laos-China Railway as a new way to access lesser-known regions of the country, bring in more foreign exchange to the country, and create economic opportunities for locals.

This year the government hopes to attract 4.6 million domestic and foreign visitors through its Visit Laos Year tourism promotion campaign and its chairmanship of ASEAN.

In addition, the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2024 will be held in Vientiane from January 22-27, one of the first meetings to be held during the country’s chairmanship of the regional bloc. All of these events are expected to bring more foreign visitors to Laos.