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Modern Ferry Terminal Planned For Vientiane

The Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department and the Chittaphong Group are working on the survey and design of a modern ferry terminal, to be built in front of the Landmark Hotel in Sisattanak district after being approved by the Mayor of Vientiane.

Sisattanak district Governor, Mr Phokham Sayasone, said he believed this new development on the Mekong River would add considerably to the district’s income through the provision of various services.

The ferry terminal will be a modern tourist facility and will also facilitate the import and export of goods between Laos and Thailand.

The development is likely to include a shopping centre, restaurant, hotel and guesthouse, Mr Phokham said.

It will be an added attraction along the Mekong riverbank, where people can stroll with their family and friends, as well as taking a boat ride.

The Vientiane Mayor said the area would attract more tourists and generate income to boost the capital’s economy.

Ferries will carry passengers between Laos and Thailand and will be useful for people wanting to travel to Thailand for healthcare reasons.

Mr Phokham was unable to comment on the design of the terminal or the method of construction as this is the responsibility of the developer and the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department.

When the project has been designed, the proposal must be approved by the Mayor before a memorandum of understanding can be signed.

The Mekong riverbank offers good potential for business operators who are interested in the service industry and in recent years there has been considerable investment in hotels, guesthouses and restaurants.

The project will be a modern development that will benefit the whole of Vientiane, especially Sisattanak district, as it will attract many visitors.

The district currently encompasses more than 4,000 small and medium enterprises, a figure that will continue to grow, Mr Phokham told local media.

These businesses will create more jobs and increase the contribution to the district’s economy.

Source: Vientiane Times