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PM Issues Decree On National Dress

Source: Vientiane Times

Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh has issued a decree spelling out the details of the traditional dress to be worn by men and women when attending ceremonial events.

The decree is aimed at preserving longstanding traditions around national dress to ensure these do not degrade, and applies to persons and organisations both in Laos and other countries that are in any way associated with Laos’ national dress.

The Lao national costume it is a unique set of clothing that men and women wear when attending official and important ceremonies.

The various elements worn by women include a blouse, skirt, sash and shoes.

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The decree stipulates that the blouse must be made in Laos from cotton or silk and must have long sleeves. The blouse may be of any colour.

The skirt and sash must also be made from cotton or silk, while the sash should be 220-225 centimetres in length and 36-40 centimetres wide. It should also match the wearer’s blouse and skirt.

Shoes should be black or brown or any other colour that matches the colour of the blouse and skirt.

The national costume worn by men must also be made in Laos using cotton or silk. The suit can be any colour but the shirt sleeves must be long, while the trousers and shoes should be dark in colour.

The decree states that national dress is not mandatory for use as an office uniform.