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Police Warn Of Dry Season Fire Threat

Vientiane Police Headquarters has issued a warning notice to villagers, public offices and business units to be on the alert for possible fire outbreaks during the dry season.

The warning comes as authorities aim to reduce the number of fire incidents in the capital, which have cause loss of life and property in past years.

Electrical shorts and lighting candles have been among the main causes of fires in Vientiane in the past. Those who own or live in properties wired with old cable are strongly encouraged to replace it for their own safety.Police Warn Of Dry Season Fire Threat

People threatened by fire can contact the Vientiane Fire Department on 021 212 707

J&C recommends you to ensure you have your own fire extinguishers on hand and also install smoke detectors. Before leaving the house be sure to switch off all electrical equipment. Last but not least you should check with your landlord if your house is sufficiently covered through a home insurance. In case not, you may ask us to provide you with a quote.

Source: Vientiane Times