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Saravan Waterfall Sites to Undergo Extensive Development

Source: Vientiane Times

Saravan​ provincial​ authorities​ have awarded a concession to a local company to create a wide range of visitor facilities and services at Tad Loc and Tad Hang waterfalls, in order to attract more tourists.

Developments at the waterfalls will be carried out sensitively, so as not to despoil the environment or local cultural identity, and the developers will encourage the participation of local residents.

A lease and concession agreement on the construction of visitor facilities at the waterfalls​, which are located in Huakhuaset village, Laongam district, was signed last week.

Those signing the documents were company director Ms Sonethida Ounaphom; Head of the Saravan​ Provincial Planning​ and​ Investment​ Department,​ Mr Phosy Keosiphandone; the Governor​ of Laongam district, Mr. Somsack Thongkhamhane;​ Head of the Saravan​ Provincial​ Finance​ Department, Mr Hongkeo Malychansy;​ Head of the​ Saravan​ Provincial​ Information, Culture and​ Tourism​ Department,​ Malayvone Sipaserth; and Deputy​ Head of​ the Saravan​ Provincial​ Natural Resources and Environment Department, Mr. Souphaxay Bounyong.

Ms. Sonethida said that, in the past, the waterfalls had been visited by a large number of tourists, but that flooding and other forces of nature had caused some environmental damage.

“Tad Loc and Tad Hang waterfalls are considered to be important tourist attractions in Saravan province and are included in a tour of the scenic plateau area.”

“I believe the developments we plan will provide facilities with standards that will be attractive to tourists while also preserving the natural environment,” Ms Sonethida said.

Developments will be carried out in three phases. Phase I will take place from 2023-2026 and will include the promotion of tourism, the improvement of infrastructure and facilities, and the organization of tourist activities.

Phase II will take place from 2026-2030 and will see the construction of hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants, and gift shops, and the organization of a range of tourism activities, while Phase III will see the sites developed to international standards of tourism, according to the Pathetlao Daily newspaper.

Saravan is endowed with a wealth of natural and cultural attractions as well as places of historical interest, and visitors to this largely unexplored area of Laos will not be disappointed. The province is home to 10 ethnic groups whose colorful way of life can be observed, while there are plenty of local dishes to be sampled and souvenirs to be bought.

One of the must-sees is Kaengkou waterfall, which carries water from the Xedon and Xeset rivers, and is a great spot for a picnic.

The province is also home to Hor Tai Pi Dok, where Buddhist scriptures are stored, and which was named a national heritage site last year.

Saravan province is located in the south of Laos about 690km from Vientiane by road. It contains the Phou Xieng Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area, which extends over nearly 1,000 square kilometres in the western part of the province close to the Mekong River.