Sesame Oil For Health and Beauty – Produced By Lao Khmu And Akha Villagers

The German-Lao Association for Development (GLAD), a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to promote cultural and development relations between Germany and Laos as described in the Millennium Development Goals, works with a number of partners such as Bread for the World, GIZ and the Schmitz Foundations on various projects carried out in Laos.

Sesame oilFor several years now, one of GLAD’s project has been supporting Khmu and Akha villagers in Luang Namtha province to produce 100% natural sesame seed oil. Sesame seeds are grown locally without using pesticides or fertilizers.  The oils are extracted from the sesame seeds are done by a hand operated or electric press, also referred to as cold press. The remaining sesame cake is high in protein, so the farmers mix it into their animal feed to enhance its quality. The sesame seed oils are marketed to and available at various shops throughout Vientiane.

Health Benefits of Sesame Oil

Known as the queen of oils, used for its healing purposes for thousands of years, sesame oil has many health-giving properties. It can be used for cooking, therapeutic massage or skin care against aging and pathogens.

For consumption, sesame oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6), high vitamin E correlated with lowering cholesterol levels and contains magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin B6. The oil produced in Laos does not have the common aroma found in other brands. Use the oil for salad dressing, stir-fry or deep-frying as it has a high smoke point.

Sesame Oil For Health and Beauty

Sesame oil is perfect for a relaxing body massage which rejuvenates skin making it soft, supple, lustrous and youthful and more resilient to stress, bacteria and other microbes.  It also reduces fatigue and a massage before bed gives a good night sleep. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant which destroys free radicals thus counteract against the skin aging process. It penetrates into the skin quickly and enters the blood stream through the capillaries. The liver does not sweep sesame seed oil molecules from the blood, accepting those molecules as friendly. Molecules of sesame seed oil maintain good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL). It is naturally antibacterial for common skin pathogens, such as staphylococcus and streptococcus as well as common skin fungi, such as athlete’s foot fungus. It is also a natural anti- inflammatory agent.

Stay healthy and at the same time support producer groups in Laos!

Common Home Usage

As nose drops, sniffed back into the sinuses, sesame seed oil has cured chronic sinusitis. As a throat gargle, it kills strep and other common cold bacteria. It helps sufferers of psoriasis and dry skin ailments. An experiment where students rinsed their mouths with sesame oil resulted in 80% reduction in the bacteria which causes gingivitis. It has been successfully used in the hair of children to kill lice infestations. It is a useful natural UV protector.

Sesame oil producersUsed after exposure to wind or sun it will calm the burns. It nourishes and feeds the scalp to control dry scalp dandruff and to kill dandruff causing bacteria. It protects the skin from the effects of chlorine in swimming pool water. Used before and after radiation treatments, sesame seed oil helps neutralize the flood of oxygen radicals which such treatment inevitably causes.

On the skin, oil soluble toxins are attracted to sesame seed oil molecules which can then be washed away with hot water and a mild soap. Internally, the oil molecules attract oil soluble toxins and carry them into the blood stream and then out of the body as waste.

Used as a douche mixed with warm water, the oil controls vaginal yeast infections.

Sesame seed oil helps joints keep their flexibility. It keeps the skin supple and soft. It heals and protects areas of mild scrapes, cuts and abrasions. It helps tighten facial skin, particularly around the nose, controlling the usual enlargement of pores as skin ages chronologically.

Teen boys and girls have learned, wrongly, that all oil is bad for their facial skin. Heavy oils and toxic oils and creams are bad for all facial skin. But sesame seed oil is the one oil which is actually good for young skin. It helps control eruptions and neutralizes the poisons which develop both on the surface and in the pores. With sesame oil, no cosmetics are needed. The oil will cause young facial skin to have and display natural good health.

Used on baby skin, particularly in the area covered by a diaper, sesame seed oil will protect the tender skin against rash caused by the acidity of body wastes. In the nose and ears, it will protect against common skin pathogens.

For children going to school, in the presence of other children with colds and sniffles, sesame seed oil swabbed in the nose can protect against air borne viruses and bacteria.

Sesame Oil For Health and Beauty - Lao Khmu And Akha VillagersWhen using the oil as massage oil, stroke the long limbs up and down. Use circular motions over all joints to stimulate the natural energy of those joints.

The Sesame Oil can be found at the following shops: Phimphone Market, Home Ideal, T’Shop Lai Gallery, Saoban, K-mart, Sissomphome Minimart
For large orders, please contact GLAD directly at 021 413 076.
(Information about sesame oil taken from https://youthingstrategies.com/qualities.htm).

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